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Getting To Know Elvis
Rossini, Richard (2024)

Independently published
paperback , 153 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8-8779-1632-6

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Language: English
Description: Elvis Presley was not what we call a normal man. He is one of those rare individuals whose lives have been transformed into legend. However, public knowledge about Elvis's life is much more based on the stereotype crafted around him than on the true understanding of his story. What everyone thinks they know about Elvis is this: he was born in a small town, recorded a record for his mother Gladys, was discovered by a small record label, and became the king of rock. After a period of glory, drugs, overwork, and personal issues eventually led to his melancholic death, unworthy of all the success he achieved. This is what laypeople think they know about Elvis, but in reality, it's a distorted story of the life of a special man. In this book, we aim to introduce the life and career of Elvis to a new generation of young people who currently lack idols with a strong impact on society. Nowadays, singers and bands are disposable, emerging and disappearing in the blink of an eye without leaving any mark on the world. Getting to know Elvis will ignite your curiosity and passion for the legend of the King of Rock. Also translated into Portuguese: 'Conhecendo Elvis' (2024).
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