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Elvis Remembered
Henley Kirk, Letitia (2023)

self-published , USA
paperback , 92 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8-89074-212-4

Category: Memoirs and memories
Language: English
Description: Letetia was Elvis' private nurse. She lived on site at Graceland, behind the mansion in one of the residential units that Elvis had placed there. She lived there with her husband and two young daughters from 1972 to 1983. The new book is a collection of short stories about her life around Elvis and his family and contains dozens of photos. In 1968 she met Elvis when he came to the clinic after horse riding. She became his regular nurse when Elvis came to the clinic, which led to her employment at Graceland starting in 1972. Her husband Tommy Henley was part of security for Elvis. In between, he was also the man to complete all kinds of jobs and repairs. After Elvis' death, it was Letetia who took the initiative to place an eternal flame at Elvis' grave.
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