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Sparky And The King
Baldwin, Dan (2019)

Four Knights Press / Smashwords Ed.
e-book , 288 pages

Category: Novel
Language: English
Description: Sparky and the King takes readers to the sleazy and dark corners of the 1960s Louisiana/Texas Gulf coast. Fidel Castro has just taken over Cuba, Jack Kennedy is in the White House, Organized Crime is moving in on the rock 'n roll industries and Elvis Presley is preparing a comeback concert at the famous Louisiana Hayride now that he is out of the army. Enter Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby who is sent on a secret mission by the mob to stop the local Klan in Shreveport, Louisiana and their hired international killer from assassinating 'the King,' who they believe is a threat not only to their families, but to the entire nation. Ruby's real challenge is finding a way to accomplish his mission and live to return to Dallas once his mission is complete because the mob kingpin hiring him believes that 'three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.'
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