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Elvis. Wszystkie Plyty Krola 1966-1977
Ogieglo, Mariusz (2022)

unknown publisher , Poland
paperback , 497 pages
unknown ISBN

Category: Discography
Language: Polish
Description: The second part of 'All the King's Albums' focuses on the years 1966–1977. The sequel to the book begins where Elvis Presley decided to fight for more ambitious material and for his career, which he nearly missed starring in Hollywood films. The author reveals to the Readers the backstage of the Grammy-winning album 'How Great Thou Art', takes them to the set of the NBC television program from 1968, as well as to the audiences of the largest concert halls in the USA - to Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii and Memphis, where Elvis triumphed after resuming his concert activities in 1969. The story ends behind the walls of Graceland, in what is now known as the Jungle Room, where Presley made his last studio recordings. As in the first part, each chapter is full of memories of people involved in the creation of individual albums.
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