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Die Tönende Story
DeVecchi, Peter (1959)

Süd-West Verlag , München (Germany)
paperback , 96 pages

Category: Elvis in the Army
Language: German
Description: One of the first books about Elvis, and the first in German. An early biography of Elvis from childhood up to his time in Germany. With illustrations by Ulrik Schramm, 16 photographs. Very rare book.
Source(s): Cover, info and description : various sources

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" This is very rare, and the 1st book to be published on Elvis anywhere. It even pre-dates the EP Story paperback. It took me a very long time to obtain a copy of this book. "

" This is EXTREMELY rare, for a long time I didn't think this even existed then came across it by accident! This is the first book written on Elvis. "

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