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Elvis Presley
Thoury, Jean-William ; Beltran, Jean (Illustrator) (2022)

BD Music Editions / Diggers Factory , France , reprint
hardback , 52 pages
unknown ISBN

Category: Biographies
Language: French/English
Description: They gave him countless surnames but the most eloquent was The King. In fact, he was the greatest phenomenon in recorded music history, which made Elvis Presley King of Kings! In the mid Fifties he catalysed various trends and imposed rock'n'roll around the planet, turning habits upside down with his irresistible combination of originality, charm and freshness. He had enough talent to make any style his own, and took full advantage of it; his legacy and influence still go deep today, with a cult following of millions of admirers who worship his personality without tiring. First released in 2016 with a different cover. This illustrated bilingual edition came with a LP.
Source: back cover.
Source(s): Cover, info and description : various sources

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