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Elvis Presley HMV Worldwide Discography
White, Alan (2012)

self-published , 1st Ed.
paperback , 100 pages

Category: Discography
Language: English
Description: Published on the 35th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, this rare collector's manual (just under A4 size) can be considered the definitive guide to collecting Elvis records under the HMV label. It covers 78s, 45s EPs and LPs, test pressings, demo discs, variations, and, in a nutshell, everything you ever need to know about collecting in this focussed genre. Elvis expert Alan White guides you in your quest to acquire a complete HMV collection through detailed explanations and page after page of high quality colour photographs that show you exactly what to look for as a serious collector of 'The King's' music.
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