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Aloha From Hawaii: Through The Eyes of Japan
Kizaki, Yoshiji ; Ward, Dick (transl.) (2024)

unknown publisher , Japan , new Ed.
hardback , 200 pages
unknown ISBN

Category: Concerts and television appearances
Language: English
Description: Photographs from the Aloha performances taken by Japanese cinematographer Yoshiji Kizaki. Kizaki was one of the few photographers who not only photographed the actual show in January 1973, but also the three Aloha performances and the press conference in November of the previous year. This new edition has about 300 photos and includes contributions from people involved in the live satellite broadcast and record release. Also includes the treasured photos of the people involved, as well as newspaper and record company documentation from the time. The first edition with the title "Aloha From Hawaii: The Day Elvis Came Closest To Japan" was released in 2008 and had 98 pages. Book is announced for release in 2024.
Source(s): Cover, info and description : various sources

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