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Find Out What's Happening
Tiel, Dennis van (2014)

Almost in Elvis , Netherlands
paperback , 54 pages , 17.8 x 10.5 x 0.5 cm , 0.081 kg

Category: Magazine
Language: Dutch
Description: The sixteenth edition of the periodical Almost in Elvis is themed around the famous book, Elvis: What Happened?, which three ex-bodyguards of Elvis wrote and released two weeks before Elvis left our vulgar planet. This editionis a paperback, filled with seventy pages of revealing words and images. Jan Alfrink, one of the writers, aptly describes the content: 'Fans will read it and will certainly be pissed at Almost in Elvis, because they know that every word is fair and we will do a lie detector test if necessary to prove it. But maybe this edition of Almost in Elvis will do some good for the fanatics.'. With contributions by Jan Alfrink, Gertrude uit Breda, Arjan Deelen, Herman van der Horst, Fred Omvlee, John Schoorl, Remo Schorel and Dennis van Tiel.
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