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The February 1977 Tour - An Audiovisual Documentary, Volume 1
unknown author (2015)

Rock Legends
hardback , 194 pages , 24.5 x 24.5 x 1.9 cm , 1.13 kg

Category: Concerts and television appearances
Language: English
Description: The February, 1977 Tour is an audiovisual document exploring the first shows of 1977 in a photographic manner along with several performances recorded live during some of the events which are featured on the bonus CD. The book also takes a brief glimpse into the last tour of 1976 with rare photos of the five related shows and then an overview of two shows from the first 1977 tour, focusing on West Palm Beach, Fl. and Montgomery, AL. Finally, a more in-depth insight to the Charlotte, North Carolina concert in the way of rare photos and a live CD recording. Includes a CD (track info).
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