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Steamrolling Over Texas
Rijff, Ger ; Jones, Linda ; Haan, Peter (1997)

It's Elvis Time Productions , The Netherlands
hardback , 128 pages , 23.3 x 24.7 x 1.4 cm , 0.692 kg

Category: Photographs
Language: English
Description: Photos from concerts in San Antonio, Convention Center Arena (18 April 1972) and Houston, The Astrodome (3 March 1974) and from various other concerts between 1969 and 1977. Introduction by Kathy Westmoreland.
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" Yes I know that by now we've all seen most of the pictures contained in this book, but as with all of Ger Rijffs output this book is well worth looking for, apart from anything else it concentrates on the seventies, rather than the fifties, unlike his other books, & for this reason alone it's worth tracking down as he shows others what can be done in their own field. Nigel Grant (AKA Tigerman GB) "

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