Elvis In Tickle Me

(CD cardboard sleeve cover art)

Bonus CD "JAT Records presents Elvis in the Original Allied Artists Radio Spots Tickle Me" which came with the book "Elvis In Tickle Me" by Joe Tunzi (JAT Publishing, 2007, ISBN 1-888464-17-8).

The CD contains 3 tracks Tickle Me Radio Spots plus an Elvis Screensaver (Windows only) called "Ten Years After: Elvis Live New Year's Eve 1975 in Pontiac, Michigan" with photographs from the Joe Tunzi's collection. The screensaver includes sound of Elvis talking between songs.

CD Catalog No. JAT 72512

Track Title Time
1 Tickle Me Radio Spot #1 01:08
2 Tickle Me Radio Spot #2 00:36
3 Tickle Me Radio Spot #3 00:24

Total playing time 00:02:08

(Source: private collection)

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