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Books in Print 2004

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January 2004
Elvis, The Hayride Years 54-56 by Frank Page and Joey Kent.
(JAT Productions, 96 pages, paperback, ISBN 1-888464-12-7).
Memories - Sweetened Thru The Ages Just Like Wine by Peter Verbruggen.
(144 pages, hardback, ISBN: none).
Forever In The Groove: Recording Career 50th Anniversary by Susan Doll.
(Publications International Inc., 218 pages, hardback, ISBN: 0785383670).
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February 2004
The Rise and Fall and Rise of Elvis Presley by Aubrey Dillon-Malone.
(Leopold Publishing, paperback, 165 pages, ISBN 0952686546).

March 2004
Field Guide to Elvis Shrines by Bill Yenne.
(Last Gasp, 252 pages, ISBN 0867195916, category: travel guide).
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Elvis Culture: Fans, Faith and Image by Erika Doss.
(University Press of Kansas, 290 pages, paperback, ISBN 0700613374, re-issue).
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Unforgettable Elvis by Lucille Bender.
(Vantage Press, 32 pages, paperback, ISBN 0533147492, category: poetry).
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Thank You Elvis by Lenore Vinyard Bechtel.
(Publishamerica, 116 pages, paperback, ISBN 141370901X).
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Elvis: His Life in Pictures by Tim Frew.
(MetroBooks, 96 pages, hardcover, ISBN: 1567994377, re-issue).

April 2004
Elvis Speaks: Thoughts on Fame, Family, Music and More in His Own Words by Elizabeth Mckeon and Linda Everett.
(Cumberland House Publishing, 256 pages, hardback, ISBN 1581823940).
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The Woman Who Loved Elvis All Their Lives by Fleda Brown.
(Carnegie-Mellon University Press, paperback, ISBN 0887484034, category: poetry).
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Kill Me Tender by Daniel Klein.
(Flammarion, paperback, 308 pages, ISBN 2857049153).
Elvis - If Only We'd Known by Sandra Richards.
(Booksurge Llc, paperback, 328 pages, ISBN 1594572984).
My Elvis Craze
(Japanese book, ISBN 4797440937 / 978-4797440935).

May 2004
Flashback by Sherif Hanna and Ernst Mikael Jorgensen.
(BMG Denmark, 171 pages, hardcover, no ISBN).
Elvis and ME: A Mystery Thriller Featuring Elvis Presley by Richard D. Weber.
(Alchemy Press, 520 pages, paperback, ISBN 1411605497, category: fiction).
I Was The One by Pål Granlund and Roger Hennie.
(Flaming Star, hardback, 70 pages, no ISBN).
He Touched Me by Pål Granlund and Roger Hennie.
(Flaming Star, hardback, 70 pages, no ISBN).

June 2004
Color My World Elvis by Betty Harper (illustrator).
(Osborne Enterprise Publishing, paperback, ISBN 8513670006(?))
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Tarzan Presley by Nigel Cox.
(Victoria University Press, paperback, ISBN 0-86473-480-8, category: fiction).
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July 2004
Elvis Presley: Music Legend, Movie Star, The King by Connie Plantz.
(Enslow Pub. Inc., 128 pages, ISBN 0766021033, category: young adult).
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»  Review by David Neale ...

Elvis & Gladys by Elaine Dundy.
(University Press of Mississippi, 352 pages, paperback, ISBN 1578066344).
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Elvis Presley: The Man, the Life, the Legend by Pamela Clarke Keogh.
(Atria Books, 272 pages, hardback, ISBN 0743456033).
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Elvis: A Musical Inventory 1939-55 by Richard Boussiron.
(Music Mentor Books, 240 pages, paperback, ISBN 0951988875).
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Elvis: Twenty-five Years of Birthday Memories by Betty Ann Bailes.
(Dorrance Pub Co, 36 pages, paperback, ISBN 0805963634, category: poetry).
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Raised on Elvis by Sandi Haynes Pichon.
(Apex Publishing, 300 pages, ISBN 1904444237).
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Elvis by Odair Braz Junior.

August 2004
Such Vicious Minds by Daniel Klein.
(St. Martin's Minotaur, 240 pages, hardback, ISBN 0312319401).
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Everything Elvis: Fantastic Facts about the King by Helen Clutton.
(Virgin Books, 224 pages, paperback, ISBN 0753509601).
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The Memphis Lullaby by Linda Ann McConnell.
(L.A.M. Productions, paperback, 98 pages, ISBN 0-9548254-0-3).
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A Celebration by Mike Evans.
(Dorling Kindersley, paperback, 608 pages, ISBN 0756607698).
A Celebration by Mike Evans.
(Penguin Books Ltd, paperback, 608 pages, ISBN 140530703X).

September 2004
The King of Rock 'n' Roll by Susan Thomsen.
(Ariel Books/Andrews Mcmeel Publishing, 80 pages, hardcover, ISBN 0-7407-4726-6).
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Elvis Presley: The Man, the Life, the Legend by Pamela Clarke Keogh.
(Simon & Schuster, 272 pages, hardback, ISBN 0743263324).
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The Elvis Handbook by Tara McAdams.
(MQ Publications, 432 pages, hardback, ISBN 1840726733).
The Colonel by Alanna Nash.
(Aurum Press, 416 pages, paperback, ISBN 1845130251, re-issue).

The Colonel by Alanna Nash.
(Chicago Review Press, 416 pages, paperback, ISBN 155652546X, re-issue).
Elvis Lives!: And Other Anagrams by Jon Agee.
(Farrar Straus Giroux, 80 pages, paperback, ISBN 0374420955).

October 2004
Elvis And Other Celebrities - Favourite Candid Shots by Martin Kloster.
(Elvis Unlimited Productions, softcover, 80 pages, ISBN 8798652389).
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The Wonder of You by Pål Granlund and Roger Hennie.
(Flaming Star, hardback, 70 pages, no ISBN).
If I can Dream by Pål Granlund and Roger Hennie.
(Flaming Star, hardback, 70 pages, no ISBN).
The Complete Guide To His Music by John Robertson.
(Omnibus Press, paperback, 96 pages, ISBN 1844497119).
The Rough Guide to Elvis (Rough Guides Reference Titles) by Paul Simpson.
(Rough Guides, 426 pages, paperback, ISBN 1843534177, re-issue).
Elvis Sessions III by Joe Tunzi.
(JAT Publishing, softcover, 636 pages, ISBN 1888464100).
Elvis - 2nd to None
(Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation, softcover, 95 pages, ISBN 0634070258, sheet music).
Can't Help Falling in Love
(Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation, hardcover, ISBN 0634086553, sheet music).

November 2004
The Elvis Archives by Todd Slaughter and Ann E. Nixon
(Omnibus Press, hardback, 128 pages, ISBN 1844493806).
Las Vegas Weddings: A Brief History, Celebrity Gossip, Everything Elvis, and the Complete Chapel Guide by Susan Marg.
(HarperCollins, 304 pages, paperback, ISBN: 0060726199).
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A Date With Elvis - Army Days Revisited by Andreas Schroer, Oskar Hentschel and Michael Knorr.
(Beluga New Media, hardback, 243 pages, ISBN 3938152001).
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Chasing Elvis by Glen Marcel.
(Invisible College Press, 268 pages, paperback, ISBN 1931468206).
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»  Review by David Neale ...

6 juillet 1954 : Le jour où la musique bascula by Christian Blachas.
(La Table Ronde , 220 pages, paperback, ISBN 2710326361).
The King is Dead by Robert Holton.
(Media, 226 pages, paperback, ISBN 0-9646484-5-8, re-issue).
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Elvis the King by Tara McAdams.
(Tirion Algemeen, 432 pages, hardback, ISBN 9043906328. Dutch version of 'The Elvis Handbook').
Elvis Mène l'Enquête by Daniel Klein.
(Gérard Watelet Pygmalion, paperback, 300 pages, ISBN 2857049684).
The Presley Arrangement by Monte Wayne Nicolson.
(Living The Dream Press, paperback, 222 pages, ISBN 0976176424, re-issue).
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Elvis Presley ou la revanche du Sud by Sebastian Danchin.
(Fayard, paperback, 478 pages, ISBN 2213621284).

December 2004
The Ultimate Elvis in Munich Book by Andreas Roth.
(self-published,, 120 pages, hardcover, ISBN 3-00-014671-7).
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Elvis Presley's Twin, Jesse Garon: The Records Show He Died. But Did He? by Stan Knight.
(PublishAmerica, paperback, 404 pages, ISBN 1413737153).
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Born To Rock by Bud Glass
(Praytome Publishing, 158 pages, hardback, no ISBN).
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In Europe the release date is 20 December, rest of the world 8 January.
Ten Little Elvi by Duffy Grooms and Laura J. Henson.
(Tricycle Press, 30 pages, hardback, ISBN 1-58246-124-4).
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The Return of the King: A Elvis Novel by Michael Hodjera
(iUniverse, paperback, 248 pages, ISBN: 0-595-33155-6).
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