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Elvis: The King of the Internet
Schulz, Gerhard (2009)

Tordenfjord Verlag , Germany
ISBN 3939948225 , 140 pages

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" Just read and you will discover a different sight about Elvis and the circumstances of his life and death. Based on the discussions of one internet platform the book gives a hint to the reader, not just to follow the mainstream stories about Elvis, but to think about a different analysis of the so called facts. There are often more ways of thinking than one. And mainstream and majority need not be the truth at all. So walk on this way of thinking you find in this book and discover the author's point of view. It enriches and sometimes turns arround the view on Elvis you are used to. There are not much people like the author who point out, that calling Elvis a junkie or wreck or what affronts ever run arround are not adequate and peppered with lies to earn money with them. In the scene of Elvis' fans it needs some courage to swim against the main opinion, but the author does. And he does it with good reasons. "

" amazing new point of view "