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Private Elvis
Cortez, Diego (1978)

Fey Verlags GmbH , Stuttgart (Germany)
ISBN 3-88361-101-8 , 200 pages
softcover , 27.2 x 21.2 x 1.1 cm , 0.561 kg

Elvis in the army
Photographs taken by Rudolf Paulini of Elvis during an evening at a Munich nightclub in 1959.

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Their average rating is 7.5.
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" This was the best book ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

" not the best but for itīs time it was a great book about elvis in germany "

" Worth the price just for the fantastic pictures of Elvis at the moulon rouge..A must have book for any serious collector..Jeff preston,lancs,T.C.B!!! "

" Not the best quality in print. In former days it was a must have but now are much better books on the market about this topic. "