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Elvis Decoded - A Fan's Guide To Deciphering The Myths and Misinformation
Lacy, Patrick (2006)

paperback , 380 pages , 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.5 cm , 0.615 kg
ISBN10: 1-4259-5590-8 / ISBN13: 978-1-4259-5590-8

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" Author Patrick Lacy has written a book that is long overdue: a detailed, in-depth examination of the facts and figures that permeate the many Elvis books, websites, articles, and public boards. He sorts through all the information and puts things in proper perspective. Including the theories about the alive and faked death stories and the claims of individuals claiming to be a long lost son or daughter and other outrageous stories. Elvis Decoded www.ElvisDecoded.com also covers scores of other questions and topics that have been largely ignored or mishandled over the past 30 years. This Elvis sleuth offers a unique perspective on the toughest questions and the most complicated issues in the Elvis Universe, and explains how things got so confusing. "