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Elvis '69 - The Return
Tunzi, Joseph A. (1991)

JAT Productions , Chicago (IL)
paperback , 106 pages , 26.0 x 23.0 x 0.7 cm , 0.424 kg
ISBN10: 0-9620083-2-X / ISBN13: 978-0-9620083-2-0

Concerts and television appearances
Photobook of first live appearance at International Hotel in Las Vegas, Augustus 1969.

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Their average rating is 6.9.
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" good but too much money for a b/w softcover book "

" Simply a must for any true Elvis-fan !! Expensive , though as all JAT-books. "

" A lot of people complain about your prices but I say, hey, if you can continue to give us super unknown fantastic pictures such as these from '69-'72, price is no object as these pictures are gems and worth the price in gold. There is no better books than yours and that's a fact. You should be very proud of your efforts and books as I am to own them. Thank God for Joseph Tunzi. We love you. Bill Graham "

" too bad that the quality is not good... "

" Expesive, but full of great rare pics "

" Very poor book "

" Nice selection of rare pics, but expensive "