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Our Memories of Elvis
Shaver, Sean ; Wertheimer, Alfred ; Fadal, Eddie (1984)

Timur Publishing, Inc. ,
ISBN 0-9602826-2-9 , 304 pages
hardcover , 28.7 x 22.2 x 2.2 cm , 1.399 kg

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This book has been rated by 16 person(s), 14 of them have read this book.
Their average rating is 8.6.
Their comments:

" Another great book by Sean Shaver. The only minor is that all of the pictures or in black and white, but a lot of these are very rare. Pictures are in full size.There is not much text. "

" I thought it was great. The three authors tributing to one book was special. "

" Fantastic book. "

" i love the huge pictures, another great shaver book "

" Great book, Great Comments with each photo, My copy has colour photos as well as black and White. A must have! "

" I own a copy of this book and it also is accompanied with a "Certificate of Ownership"..No. 26 of 125, signed by Shaver, Fadal and Wertheimer. I can not find anyone else who owns this copy with the certificate. Can you tell me what I have here? "

" Just fantastic "

" I have copy number 61 with signed certificate in good condition. Love to know what its worth today. Tony "