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Elvis In His Own Words
Farren, Mick ; Marchbank, Pearce (1994)

Omnibus Press , London (UK)
paperback , 128 pages , 25.5 x 18.0 x 3.3 cm , 0.361 kg
ISBN10: 0-86001-487-8 / ISBN13: 978-0-86001-487-4

Elvis in quotes
Fragments of media interviews given by Elvis from the 1950s through his last statements to the press in 1977. Includes black and white photographs.

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Their average rating is 2.5.
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" A very dissapointing book,looks cheap and tacky,photos very grainy,and quotes by Elvis just thrown in any old how..a book to avoid in my view,a momey -making venture wih no thought whatsoever for Elvis or his fans.. "

" as the above reader said, I concur gave it a 3, i do refer to it very ocasionally. MB. "