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Remember The King
Abrahamian, Michael (2007)

Sivle Books , Burbank (CA)
ISBN 0-6151-5143-4 , 160 pages

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Remember the King is Mike's first book: "The book has hidden messages that relate to Elvis, the readers job is to locate them through out the book. This book is all about Elvis, and is full of poems that I wrote, along with fan comments, Elvis quotes, some pictures, facts, a timeline of his life and other Elvis related topics. This book is for a die hard Elvis fan. I myself am a huge Elvis fan and have been since I was young I'm now 29. The publishing name Sivle Books I created myself becasue (Sivle) spells Elvis backwards www.SivleBooks.com is the publishing website. This is not a tell all like most of the other books about him. I wanted to put together the most positive book about him and here it is. My second book titled Through my Eyes is dedicated to him as well. It has more poems about Elvis along with poems about other subjects in life.I talk about Elvis at the end of that book and explain what he mean't to me and how people treated him towards the end of his life. I dedicated that book to him because as I have read Elvis always wanted to write a book with that title so I gave it that title for that specific reason. If you love Elvis for the human being that he was as well as the entertainer Remember the King is for you."

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"I think this book was very well-written, and I feel the author really put his heart into these poems. Anyone who loves Elvis, would love this book."
Cheryl, NY

"Your poems are beautiful, it shows that they came from your heart and that you love Elvis very much."
Corina, Israel

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" I feel this book and poems came from the authors heart.A very nice tribute to Elvis. "