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Last Train To Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley
Guralnick, Peter (1994)

Abacus , London (UK)
ISBN 0-349-10651-7 , 578 pages
softcover , 19.7 x 13 x 4 cm , 0.486 kg

The first volume of a two-part biography of Elvis, this book covers his life from 1935 through 1957.

This book has been rated by 13 person(s), 12 of them have read this book.
Their average rating is 8.8.
Their comments:

" fantasic book "

" a must have "

" this is the definite biography of Elvis's first 23 years of life. Well written, well thought out, and well excecuted by Mr. Guralnick. A must have. M. from TN "

" whish he had done the second book the same way...too bad but this one is great! "

" it starts off slow but i love the rest "

" This book togehter with Careless love, from the same author , gives a good and detailed biography of Elvis life . Some fans even call them The old and The new testament for Elvis fans! "

" Great Biography on Elvis in the beginning years. It is too bad Peter did not do a more detailed job on the second book, but this volume is excellent. "

" first half of the best yet bio on Elvis, bulky but easy to read, value for money. an 8 i gave careless loves a 9 but thats my fav period. MB. "

" Excellent bio by a first-rate rock writer. If you get a chance, hear him speak, too. "

" One of the all time best bios on Elvis. (And there is only a handfull.)An absolute must have for every serious Elvis historian.It is well researched, full of interesting little details and easy to read. "