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Revelations from the Memphis Mafia
Nash, Alanna (1995)

HarperCollins Publishers , New York (NY)
1st Ed. , ISBN 0-06-017619-9 , 792 pages
hardcover , 24.2 x 16.5 x 5.6 cm , 1.092 kg

Memoirs and memories
Story of Memphis Mafia as told by Billy Smith, Marty Lacker and Lamar Fike

This book has been rated by 16 person(s), 16 of them have read this book.
Their average rating is 4.2.
Their comments:

" most of the stories a gossip and proven wrong. it is like goldman part 2. very sad that old friends do thinks like that for the money! "

" most of the bad stories are copied from other books! Very bad Book! "

" yellow press writing! "

" THE most informative Elvis books ever written. "

" It's great. "

" This is one of the most truthful and best books written about the real, human being Elvis. It gives the good with the bad. "

" Best Elvis book ever published. "

" just name it goldman second ediotion "

" if you like goldman you will like this one too....full of shit "

" Slop written for the money. "