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Words, The Complete Lyrics Volume 8: Su-Thev
unknown author (2003)

Dark Moon Publications ,
ISBN none , 34 pages
softcover , 29.6 x 29.8 x 0.4 cm , 0.261 kg

Lyrics from Such A Night to The Vicious Circle

This is the eight volume of what pretends to be the ultimate collection of lyrics and the story behind them. The volumes now all together span some 250 pages, but the end is in sight: I expect two more volumes will be publised to cover all the remaining songs. The first volume was published in 1997, and the others were released irregularly the following years. Volume 8 was published in late 2003.
This volume has an interesting story about the song 'The Climb' (originally called 'The Slime'), which was released on the Follow That Dream release 'Viva Las Vegas'. The song 'The Mississippi River', also called 'The Tupelo Years' is listed as supposedly the one and only song ever written by Elvis himself.
Question arises why not publishing it all in one book? Well, every page has four columns of text in a small typesetting, which would lead to a vast 800 pages if published in one book and in normal typesetting.

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01 January 2004

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